Rise of the Runelords

Rise of the Runelords (session 5)
Chapter 1: Trials of the Dead


The party gains 600-800 XP each:

  • 400 XP each for defeating the undead
  • 135 XP each for breaking out of the cell
  • 65 XP each for freeing the lab rat
  • Borči, Zlot, Matej, Danilo +135 XP bonus for passing the trials
  • Darči +65 XP bonus for failing
  • Janez +100 XP bonus for foreseeing the trials from the astral plane :)
Rise of the Runelords (session 4)
Chapter 1: Glass and Wrath pt. 2 & The Mysterious Tomb


The party gains 2150 XP each:

  • 200+150 XP for defeating Tsuto and his goblin firebomber
  • 300 XP for defeating the spiders
  • 100 XP for killing the rogue
  • 1200 XP bonus for freeing Ameiko
    • +50 XP roleplay bonus
Rise of the Runelords (session 3)
Chapter 1: Local Heroes pt. 2 & Glass and Wrath pt. 1


The party members gain 486 XP each:

  • 270 XP for the boar hunt
  • 216 XP for the goblins
Rise of the Runelords (session 2)
Chapter 1: Local Heroes


The party earns 517 XP each.

  • Ser Bashalot earns an aditional 600 XP for peacefully resolving the Vinder encounter.
  • Rest of the party earns 200 XP bonus each for helping him

(praise the gods, they are generous)

Rise of the Runelords (session 1)

Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings part 1: Festival and Fire



The party earns 836 XP each.

  • 200 XP for indulging in the festival games
  • 836 XP for surviving the goblin raid

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