Rise of the Runelords

Rise of the Runelords (session 23)

Chapter 4 – Fortress of the Stone Giants pt. 1: Stones over Sandpoint



The party gains 24800 XP + 2000gp each (mayor):

  • 3200 XP for defending the north gate
  • 4800 XP for defending the north bridge
    • +600 XP bonus for saving as many civilians as possible
  • 4800 XP for killing the dragon
  • 4800 XP for killing Teraktinus and his Stone Giants
  • 2400 XP for killing the stone giants burning the tavern
  • 3200 XP for killing the stone giants robbing Scarnetti manor
    • +1000 XP bonus for stopping the robbery


  • Gandalf: +1400 XP bonus for taunting the dragon
  • Hatiđa: +1200 XP bonus for saving the drowning villagers
  • Kyras: +1200 XP for dousing the fires of Sandpoint
  • Sir Bashalot: +1400 XP for destroying the stone giant reinforcements
  • Tauriel: +1200 XP bonus for distrupting the robbery

The party reaches level 11!


mr_Omnipotence mr_Omnipotence

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